I have just red an interesting report “The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Green Exercise” (see authors below).

According to the report nature can make positive contributions to our health, help us recover from preexisting
stresses or problems, have an `immunising’ effect by protecting us from future stresses, and help us to concentrate and think more clearly.

10 case studies were conducte and some of the resoults found were: As a result of green exercise, there was a significant improvement in self-esteem, and a significant positive changes in the mood of the prticipants. The synergistic effects of green exercise generate many positive physical and mental health benefits regardless of the level of intensity, duration or type of green activity.

The report has three principal components:
-To undertake a systematic review of the evidence linking recreation in greenspace and the
countryside to health and wellbeing;
-To provide a snapshot of current practical initiatives based on countryside recreation,
illustrating their scope and scale and identifying any gaps;
-To provide advice on the policy implications of investment in “green exercise”.

I can higly recommend you to read the report.

“The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Green Exercise” by Jules Pretty, Murray Griffin, Jo Peacock, Rachel Hine, Martin Sellens and Nigel South, Department of Biological Sciences and Department of Health and Human Sciences,
University of Essex, Colchester, Report for the Countryside Recreation Network February 2005. Find it here.

Written by Trine Plambech

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