Mobile apps are a natural part of our daily life and a lot of interesting new apps helps to connect you with nature in different ways. As I have writte about in previous posts research has shown that living near and regularly experiencing greenery has a strong positive effect on city dwellers’ mental health, creativity and well-being. It is therefore quit interesting to see how technology is supporting us in our daily contact with nature.

Here are some examples:


Navigation app Walkonomics for iPhone and Android lets users find the most tree-lined routes in seven cities, including London, Paris, New York and Glasgow. Walkonomics — the on foot-friendly navigation app — has added ‘greenness’ to its routing options. Users can select their route preference by prioritizing beauty or speed using a slider. The app then creates a personalized route using data from open city sources, tree mapping projects and aerial photos. Find more information about the app at (Image by Walkonomics). Thanks to Springwise for making me aware this new app.


Byhøst app

Byhøst app: The Danish mobile app helps users find wild edible plants in and around the city. Byhøst is a community of users who help each other by tracking where they find edible plants. The mobile app displays a map where it is possible to see what can be found where. There are also descriptions of each of the plants and well as guides of how to pick and use them.

Find more information about the app at (Image by Byhøst)


ForestXplorer app

ForestXplorer app is a guide to the forest. It provide information about your nearest Forestry Commission woodland, and it lets you discover more about the trees around you with the easy-to-use tree identifier.

Find more information about the app at (Images by Forestry Commission, England)



A similar app from Denmark is Naturguiden. It guides you to nature areas in Denmark and provide information about the different types of nature

Find more information about the app at (Image by Danmarks Naturfredningsforening)


Pick you food with you mobile

Hyld (Sambucus)

Pick you food with you mobile. As I wrote about in an earlier post (Pluk din mad med mobilen, a blogpost in Danish) we are also involved in developing a new mobile app which will make it easier to find and use wild edible plants. I will tell you much more about this in the near future.

I know there are a lot of other mobile nature-related apps out there. You are more than welcome to leave a comment if you can recommend other mobile apps that you like.


Written by Trine Plambech

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