What if your office was a traveling caravan that could make it possible for you to work in the middle of the forest or at another beautiful nature scenery?

The Dutch company KantoorKaravaans are mobile micro-offices that let office workers do their day to day business in the middle of beautiful, national parks.

As I have written about in earlier posts (Would You Like to Work Smarter, Not Harder? Nature can help youNew Article – Nature Enhances our Creativity and a blog in Danish Hvad siger du til kontor i naturen?), studies have shown that seeing and experiencing nature has a powerful positive effect on people’s state of mind, creativity and working abilities. It is therefore very interesting to see initiatives like this making it possible for people to work in nature.

KantoorKaravaan is a workplace in the middle of nature, an experience combining professional life with the exciting and inspirational sphere of wilderness. Designed as a mobile off-grid workplace, the KantoorKaravaan sets up camp at various locations in the countryside. KantoorKaravann is fully equipped with Wi-Fi internet access, a coffee machine, and other work-related necessities.

The project is an off-shoot of SustainsVille — which has been providing alternative, sustainable, working spaces for creatives in tree houses for five years. KantoorKaravaans — run by The Tipping Point Foundation — are traveling around the Netherlands throughout the summer. The fleet is stopping at various beautiful spots in the countryside, where they set up a solar powered camp complete with compost toilets and kitchens. Companies can hire some or all of the space for a single workday or longer — the offices can accommodate up to 35 people, and workers can stay the night at the campsite. Individuals and groups are also welcome to visit and use the space: those with less funds can help with projects and activities and pay a lower rate.

Read much more about this fantastic project at their website. Image by KantoorKaravann. Thanks to Springwise for making me aware of this.

Written by Trine Plambech

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