Now the farmers in Vietnam get money by NOT cutting down the trees.

The other morning I was on my way to work. At the metro station I was met by smiling people offering me breakfast and a newspaper with the title “Worlds Best News”. It was a campaign for the progress of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Organisations all over the world are taking part in fulfilling the goals and this morning I was lucky to pass by this campaign where the newspaper I was given covered some of all the positive outcomes of the work. How refreshing to be met by a campaign focusing on all the things that has turned out well. It actually made me read the whole newspaper AND visit the connected website (, in Danish only).

One of the stories was about the poor farmers around the southern Car Tien National Park in Vietnam who previously illegally had to go into the forest to cut down trees or hunt for animals to survive. Now they get money to protect the forest. The WWF project for more ecotourism have given them a new source of income. The Vietnamese authorities and the local people now cooperate together about sustainable ecotourism. Wow… that is really good news.

More about ecotourism in Vietnam.
(photo by Everjean, Flickr)

Written by Trine Plambech

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