Something very interesting is happening in the Southern part of UK – here you find The Eden Project as well as Minack an outdoor theatre and magnificent garden.

The Eden Project
(photo by schrodingersduck)

The largest conservatories in the world, cutting edge iconic architecture, awe inspiring gardens, a rainforest and much more – take a look at their website for everything you can experience as visitor as well as all the interesting projects going on in relation to the Eden Project.

The write about the Horticulture: “The dramatic, award winning and often amusing style of horticulture that sets Eden apart is a reflection of the spirit, passion and individual personalities of a dedicated team like no other, and has rejuvenated an interest in economic botany and the value of plants to mankind. And all of this achieved within a mining landscape. Just ten years ago there was nothing to see other than a worked out scar on the landscape with no prospect of growing anything other than gorse. Not surprisingly the most exciting new garden on the planet has attracted some of the best gardeners – a uniquely skilled team which brings together expertise from professional backgrounds ranging from botanic gardens to public landscapes to conservation and even farming. Eden’s Green Team have triumphed over the huge physical challenges presented by a uniquely inhospitable site. They have planned, sourced, planted and nurtured over 100,000 plants that have turned a desolate scar on the landscape into a vibrant global garden that has caught the imagination of gardeners the world over.”

(photo by Wolfiewolf at Flickr.)

The Eden Project is wholly owned by the Eden Trust, an educational charity. They use exhibits, events, workshops and educational programmes to remind people of our dependence on, and connection to, the natural world.

The Minack Theatre
The Minack Theatre is cut into the cliff side on the edge of the ocean near Lands End, Cornwall. During night time it is a theatre with different events and shows during the year. During day time you can visit a magnificent garden on the edge of the ocean. What a great combination of culture and nature – I can imagine that the atmosphere must be just fantastic.

What a trip it will be when I go to the UK next time.

Written by Trine Plambech

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