New York has got a new park (opened 2009), the High Line, built on the top of an abandoned elevated train line. The line runs from the Meatpacking District through Chelsea up to Hell’s Kitchen. Internationally known Landscape Architect James Corner from JCFO has used design, imagination, and horticultural skill to create a park of exceptional beauty.

The train line should have been pulled down but a non for profit neighbourhood organisation started the idea of preserving and redesigning the area. It has turned out to be enriching for people as well as for the whole area. Their by is has also become an economic catalyst.

Hear the story of the High Line at Monocle where the architect tells about the project and his thoughts behind. It is fascinating how quality urban design can transform an area and higher the quality of life for the people living near by, attracting people from other areas, becoming pivotal point of events and social activities and serve as an oasis for relaxation and tranquillity in a hectic urban environment.

All the above images are from edenpictures at Flickr. Thanks for letting me use these beautiful pictures.

Update (13 JUL 2010): I found thise images showing 1) more images of the High Line and 2) how the High Line looked before the renovation and redesign started (these images are from 2003). Quit amazing transformation. [All the below photos by Payton Chung]

The High Line before the renovation

I am looking forward to the next time I will be visiting New York. The High Line will be one of the first places that I will explore.

Written by Trine Plambech

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