I am about to discover that really many interesting books have been written about healing gardens and garden therapy. I have just finished reading two of them. Both of them written from the heart by authors who professionally work with healing gardens and both of them full of the most magnificent photos.

The books are in Danish and Swedish. For those of you not speaking Danish or Swedish I will give you a short review and link to free garden plans from one of the books.

Lykken har rødder (The Roots of Happiness) by Inge A. Futterup, Darduse publishing house. The author is a landscape technologist (landskabsteknolog) and experienced owner of a large garden. She has recovered from burn-down syndrome by being in her garden.

Lykken har rødder by Inge A. Futtrup

The book explains us why you can recover from burn-down syndrome by being in a garden and tells us about the different “rooms” you can make in the garden – each room with a specific purpose in the healing process (I have described these “rooms” in a previous blog post, see link in the bottom of this post). The really good thing about this book is all the garden plans that she has provided. She explains how you can meet different needs with different solutions and suggest for plants and flowers.

You can find the free garden plans at her website. You find garden plans for a fruit garden, a small house garden, an urban house garden, a farm garden and a larger house garden. The text describing the garden plans is in Danish however each plan is richly illustrated with photos and drawings. I am sure you can get inspired.

The other book is called En lisa för själen (A relief for the soul) by Eva Robild and Annika Christensen published at ICA Bok Förlag.

Eva Robild is a journalist specialised in gardens and burn-down syndromes and also an experienced gardener. Annika Christensen is a photographer. She got a burn-down syndrome some years ago and recovered by being in the garden. Now she is specialised in garden photography and all the beautiful images in the book have been taken by her.

The book is somehow similar to the other book in the way that it also explains how you can benefit from being in a garden and how gardens can be an active part of a healing process. However the book has an interesting chapter about brain processes – what happens in the brain when you are in the garden and how brain process can be affected in a positive and healing way by being in a garden.

It also gives ideas of how to “be” in your garden. It is about changing attitude from seeing the garden as something you “have to do” – a burden – to something you can enjoy and where you can relax. They suggest for ways to plan garden in a way that invites for relaxation and meditation – all year round.

What do you read at the moment?

Written by Trine Plambech

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