Using gardens as part of a healing process in quit new in Denmark. However it seems as it is about to change. Two new healing gardens are on their way in Copenhagen.

A healing garden is “a garden in a healing setting designed to make people feel better” (Eckerling, 1996, link to article). The goal of a healing garden is to make people feel safe, less stressed, more comfortable and even invigorated.

The first garden will be established in connection with Dannerhuset. Danner is the oldest and the largest crisis center and shelter for women and children who have been subjected to domestic violence, in Denmark. The plan of the garden has been developed by Ph.d. student Victoria Linn Lygum and Schønherr Landskab. They have created a garden which will serve as a safe and inviting outdoor environment where the women and their children can relax and play. They can walk out into the garden and enjoy the lovely scent from the flowers and take a little walk and experience the different sense impressions. If they like they can even be actively involved in taking care of the garden. In this way the garden offers possibility of both passive and active involvement.

A lot of inspiration to the garden has been found in Los Angeles at the Sojourn Services for Battered Women. Here they have experienced very positive results by inviting the women out into the garden. (I have borrowed the image above from their website).

The second garden is only very roughly scheduled. It is part of a project for a new health care centre for caner in Copenhagen. The NORD Architects won the competition for this new project. It is a new typology between the tranqulity of being at home and being treated in a big institution. I will keep you posted with more information about this project and especially the healing garden as soon as I know more.

Written by Trine Plambech

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