This blog-post is mostly interesting for the Danish readers since the book that I will talk about is in Danish only.

I have read the book “Haveterapi” by Signe Wenneberg and it is a quit interesting introduction to the field of garden therapy. The author has talked to 15 different people about what it means to them to be outside in their garden or in the nature.

She has talked to Associate Professor, Dr. Ulrika Stigsdotter and landscape architect Thomas Randrup. They work on the first research based healing garden in Denmark. The garden will be placed in Aboretet in Hørsholm and will be a healing garden for people suffering from burnout syndromes. Read more about it at Kalmia.

She has also talked to Sonja Poll, landscape architect, who has made the fantastic herbaceous border in The Royal Garden (Kongens Have – eller Rosenborg Slotshave). The herbaceous border is the longest in Europe – there are flowers all year round, the colours matches, the hight of the different plants are adjusted to each other and there are a good view to the herbaceous border from the benches in the park. Sonja Pool believes that being outside is connected to freedom – especially for the urban living people. Being outside is connected to activities “done con amore” something we choose by ourself.

The author has also talked to a doctor, Jerk W. Langer. He tells how the sunlight is one of the best ways to happiness you can find. And he also tells how the soil bacterium Mycobacterium vaccae actually stimulates good mood. When we work with the soil this bacteria is released – and when we breathe in the bacteria it stimulates our brain to produce serotonin which makes us feel happy. Anti depressive medicine also enhances the serotonin level in our brain but why not stimulate the production of it in a natural way?

These people are only 3 of the 15 different people that Signe Wennebarg has talked to. Everyone of the 15 people feels that being in nature plays a positive and significant role in their life. Some of them works with nature/plants/healing gardens by profession others have integrated being outside as an important part of their spare time. Reading the book makes it clear that the key to well-being might not be so far away… it is just outside.

Written by Trine Plambech

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